Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Price: $4.99
Grade Recommendation: All
Subject: Research, Internet browsing
Specific Skill: n/a
Levels: n/a
Players: n/a
For iPad, iPod, or Both?: Both

An acronym for 'Mobile Child Internet Protection', Mobicip provides another layer of protection for safe Internet browsing at school. I recommend using the Settings option to 'hide' Safari. Then students can only access the Internet via Mobicip. You can control the level of security by logging into your account on Mobicip's website (www.mobicip.com). After launching this app, students have the option of visiting several research sites such as Brittanica and Kids Click. They can also access Google via Mobicip.

While my school system does have a strong Internet filter in place, Mobicip provides me with an extra piece of mind that browsing will definitely be secure. This app is highly recommended!

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