Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Price: $.99
Grade Recommendation: 2nd - 8th
Subject: N/A
Specific Skill: Critical Thinking
Levels: 3
Players: 1
For iPad, iPod, or Both: Both

As a gifted program teacher, my eyes are always peeled for apps that hone my students' critical thinking skills. This app does just that! In it, students analyze one analogy and find the missing word or picture to complete another. For example, "Cotton is to fabric, as English is to (language). Immediate feedback is given.

The settings option allows you to customize the experience. You can select whether each analogy is made up of words or pictures. There's also 3 levels. Each round can contain 10, 15, or 20 analogies.

This app is well worth its price. High-achieving students will certainly appreciate the challenge it provides.

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