Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awesome Xylophone

Price: Free!
Grade Recommendation: K - 3rd
Subject: Music
Specific Skill: Xylophone playing
Levels: N/A
Players: 1
For iPad, iPod, or Both: Both

This is one of the simplest apps you'll find. However, it's title says it all - this xylophone is awesome! Notes C to C are each represented by a different-colored (and sized) bar on the xylophone. Students use their fingers to operate the mallets.

The app doesn't come with an option to change the range of the xylophone; what you initially see is what you'll always get. Also, I'm not a music teacher; so I can't comment on the quality of sound this xylophone makes. But it's a fun app and perhaps can be used by a music teacher at the early elementary level to practice basic xylophone skills with students.

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