Thursday, May 19, 2011


Price: $9.99 (iPad), $2.99 (iPod)
Grade Recommendation: 3rd and up
Subject: Reading
Specific Skill: Spelling
Levels: 2
Players: 1 - 4
For iPad, iPod, or Both: Both

Sure this app is one of the more expensive ones I'll recommend, but it's definitely worth the price tag! The app version of Scrabble comes with many choices for customization. Students can play against the computer or choose to play a solo game. They also may choose to play with up to 3 more classmates.

Other options include 'Pass and Play' and 'Party Play'. For those who do not also have access to iPod Touches, the 'Pass and Play' option is quite adequate. Students literally pass the iPad to the next person once they've made a word. In 'Party Play', students can use an iPod Touch to display their tile rack! It's so cool! They 'slide' needed letters from the iPod to the iPad. The tile rack is a free app only available for the iPod.

A dictionary is built into the app so students can look up words before making them. Of course the app keeps score as words are being made.

Overall, this app is costly but highly recommended!

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