Monday, December 19, 2011

ABC 123 Word App HD - English Spanish Edition

Price: $4.99
Grade Recommendation: PreK - 2nd
Subject: Reading, Spanish
Specific Skill: Vocabulary
Levels: 1
Players: 1
For iPad, iPod, or Both: iPad

This robust app is great for the bilingual learner! It features 4 different activities.

- Alphabet and words
After clicking on a letter, the iPad states the letter and says the picture that accompanies it in both English and Spanish. The user can then trace a capital and lowercase letter. Or you can hide the printed letters and they can write the letter on their own.

- Numbers and counting
After clicking on pictures depicting the numbers 1 - 10, the iPad states the number in both English and Spanish. It then counts that number of objects and announces the results in both languages. Again, the user can trace the number or write it independently on the lines provided.

- Shape blocks and matching

A shape is shown in the middle of the screen. Students drag the matching shape around the perimeter of the screen to the one in the middle. Incorrect shapes bounce back. But correct ones are met with the name of the shape announced in both languages.

- Colors and painting
An easel appears where students can use the brush to paint a picture. Each time the color is changed (by clicking on the palette), the name of the color is announced in both languages. This activity comes with the option to take a screen shot (or picture) of the completed masterpiece.

This app is quite pricey. The 4 activities are definitely beneficial, however. The use of this app is an easy way to expose younger students to Spanish vocabulary.

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