Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Speller First Words

Price: $0.99
Grade Recommendation: K - 3rd
Subject: Reading
Specific Skill: Spelling
Levels: N/A
Players: 1
For iPad, iPod, or Both: Both

Wow! I am quite impressed with how much this spelling app can be customized to meet students' needs. It features over 1,000 words already, but you can even add (and delete) words too.

Once the app begins, a picture is shown along with the letters needed to spell the word. The app also states the intended word. Students then have to drag the letters in the correct order to spell it. Immediate feedback is given.

That's the gist of the app, but there are so many ways to customize it - making it easier or more challenging. You can turn on/off the following: sound, word hints, visual hints, letter hints, and letter repeat. Also, the order of the words can be alphabetical or random. The letter order can be left to right or in any order. You can even use all lowercase, all uppercase, or capitalized letters. Also, you can customize the length of the words. But perhaps the most beneficial customization option is the ability to control the word library.

This app is a must-have for classrooms with younger students in it. At this price point, it's a steal!

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