Saturday, December 31, 2011


Price: Free!
Grade Recommendation: 3rd - 5th
Subject: Reading
Specific Skill: Vocabulary
Levels: 1
Players: 1
For iPad, iPod, or Both: Both

Remember mad libs?! Well, this app is full of them, but they're called 'Wordventures'! Unfortunately only 3 Wordventures come with the free version. Those are 'Rules for Riding on the Subway', 'Summer Blockbuster', and 'What Happened One Morning'. Additional Wordventures can be purchased for 99 cents each.

After selecting a Wordventure, students have to blindly insert various parts of speech - anything from an adjective to an adverb. I appreciate how the app gives the definition for and examples of each part of speech.

After tapping 'Done', their inserted words are placed into the Wordventure. Their words appear in red. They'll get a kick of out reading their funny story. But they're also able to edit their Wordventure. Saved stories are stored in the app until they are manually deleted.

Even if you just take advantage of the 3 free Wordventures, this app provides a fun way for students to explore the various parts of speech.

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